SSI Network is the ultimate international gateway to support its clients in the direction of business growth and brand development by driving and covering every aspect of sales & marketing activities both local and international marketplaces.

SSI Network facilitates corporate field sales, improving the effectiveness of our sales team outsourcing , consultancy, and merchandising processes.

 We manage and organize all necessary pro-cedures regarding visit plans & call files, tactical sales forces , strategic sales forces , Shop in Shop , retails store management and staffing , outlet stores, transfer order sales, direct sales , telesales , B2B sales,

Shelf services / POS placement, remodeling, auditing / price check, business intelligence, field research. Furthermore, the network manages and completes multiple procedures, such as strategy, outsourcing / business process outsourcing, category management, space management, head hunting / recruiting, financial service / cashback, and payroll, training.

SSI Network manages and organizes effective outsourcing- of sales-, marketing- and consultancy projects worldwide, centraly organized and run where our client is located.


SSI members are absolute experts that convert assignments with consistency and that are tailor-made to their home markets.

They operate independently but cooperate with their SSI colleagues in a most (cost) effective way.

They share best practices and join forces on developing new services.

SSI provides a guarantee for top quality, effectiveness and tailor-made actions, making a difference to our customers’ competitiveness and success across Europe.