Time & Motion study – Heineken Audit with capability analysis


  • Monitoring
  • Efficiency
  • Analysis

For Heineken, we monitored and analysed the daily work of their sales teams in autumn 2022, the Time & Motion study. The monitoring system consisted of a co-location of our auditor and a Heineken sales representative. Our auditor recorded all his activities, from the first time he started the vehicle at the beginning of the day, to the end of the working day – parking the vehicle in front of the house. We used our application Sales App for the monitoring, which can record activities with precision down to seconds. Three consecutive working days of one sales representative were monitored each time. In total, 16 sales reps were monitored = 48 working days. 4,540 activities were analyzed, divided into 43 types of activities with a total duration of 430 hours and 12 minutes.

From the results of the audit we produced an in-depth analysis, including all reports. The analysis naturally included our recommendations and system solutions to improve the overall efficiency of the team.

Our business partner has put some of the measures into practice and we have already agreed on the next wave of the Time & Motion audit for the second half of 2023.