Diageo – Mystery drinker program


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Diageo choose SSI as their long-term partner for their Mystery Drinker program in 8 Eastern European countries. We are delighted to finish a new winter wave this month in retail outlets, bars, restaurants and clubs for Diageo. In Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine SSI auditors visited On-Trade and Off-Trade outlets.


When you go out to a bar, order a drink or a cocktail, it gives you an extra happy feeling if that drink is prepared with a lot of care and looks amazing, doesn’t it?
That is why Diageo wants to make sure the bars presents you the ‘Perfect Serve’ that you deserve.


This time our field team ordered a Whisky Soda or Whisky Ginger Ale, the new trend in mixture drinks, and checked how the drink is served. Is the right glassware used? Did the bartender used enough ice? Is the mixture in a good condition? Nothing worst than a flat soda! And does the bartender finish the drink with a nice slice of lemon or lime or other garnish?


Besides the On-Trade outlets, we visited retail outlets as well. In the busy seasonal period at the end of the year we checked if Diageo brands are presents and how competitor brands are presenting their spirits in the supermarkets. This gives Diageo new insights and learnings for future execution of displays in retail.


Another great project, especially for the field team this time! Cheers! ????