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In the ever-changing market of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), OEX Cursor and their technology partner Absysco have etched their names in the narrative of innovation. Their latest brainchild? The MMonline application. This groundbreaking real-time remote management tool allows businesses to better orchestrate their retail outlets and supply chains. It is the first of its type on the Polish market.

“The element that marks OEX Cursor S.A. from other outsourcing companies is consulting and sharing best practices in process optimization and seeking innovative solutions to increase the effectiveness of the model of reaching the market and the consumer.”

‘Here and now’ data

OEX Cursor, a maven in outsourcing, joined forces with tech wizards Absysco to craft the MMonline application. At the helm, Przemysław Bogdanski, CEO of OEX Cursor, emphasizes a philosophy not merely of meeting client expectations but anticipating them. MMonline, available on both the App Store and Google Play shops, signifies a paradigm shift in field team-client collaboration.



Bumps in the road

At its core, the MMonline application aspires to elevate operational efficiency, fortify partnerships, and paint smiles on the faces of customers in the dynamic world of FMCG.


Yet, in the pursuit of innovation, challenges are inevitable. The project grappled with technological limitations, due to it being something completely new.



Partnering with Coca Cola HBC Poland

To conquer these hurdles, OEX Cursor partnered with Coca-Cola HBC Poland. This strategic alliance unfolded through the design, development, and functionality testing phases. Basic functionalities, including swift feedback and real-time data verification, underwent field testing. This collaboration with a major FMCG player ensured that the MMonline application was not just a product but a tailored solution to the unique demands of the market.


The collaboration bore fruit, setting OEX Cursor apart from the outsourcing crowd. Sławomir Hirsz of Coca-Cola HBC lauded OEX Cursor’s commitment to not just delivering solutions but acting as consultants, sharing best practices, and seeking innovative paths. The MMonline application emerged as a catalyst. It provided a fresh and efficient way for field teams and clients to collaborate, offering a real-time window into merchandising activities.

Cocktail of lessons


The success story unraveling here is more than just about technological triumph. It’s about the lessons learned on the way – the significance of meticulous project planning, streamlined operational processes, unwavering stakeholder engagement, effective problem-solving techniques, meticulous data management and analysis, and the magic woven into improved communication strategies.


At the heart of the success of MMonline lies a cocktail of factors. It’s about daring to dream with innovative ideas, weaving a tapestry of strong teamwork. And perhaps most importantly: embodying the commitment to not just meet but anticipate the ever-evolving market.

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