SSI Network | Immediando: matchwinner for PepsiCo Italy


In the dynamic world of fast-moving consumer goods, achieving optimal product placement in stores is a significant challenge. Immediando’s collaboration with Pepsico in Italy stands as a testament to overcoming hurdles and setting new benchmarks. Immediando played a pivotal role in supporting Pepsico to achieve a remarkable 70% secondary placement in 4000 point-of-sale locations.


How did they do it?

“The campaign was closely tied to the cultural value and heritage of Italian soccer.”


Immediando has been partnering with Pepsico since 2015, providing a dedicated sales force of 35 in-store account managers. Initially aiming for a 50% secondary placement, the project evolved over the last three years, setting an ambitious target of 70%. The primary objectives were to expand market share, increase sales revenue, and enhance store visibility.


It’s all about the game

The journey was not without its challenges. Intense competition and limited budget/resources were significant obstacles. Facing a demanding goal, Immediando adopted a multi-faceted approach. First, they meticulously identified the appropriate Point of Purchase (POP) materials, with a focus on displays, tailored to different store formats.


Serie A: the right match

They crafted a compelling commercial proposal for stores to use as a permanent display. The campaign was closely tied to the cultural value and heritage of Italian soccer. With the Serie A as showpiece, including popular matchups like AC Milan versus Internazionale, the campaign helped increase sales of PepsiCo’s products. These included Lays, Pepsi, Doritos and Gatorade.

Roadshow to enhance litter management

The journey to success was gradual but steady. It took five years to achieve the initial 50%. Year by year, Immediando increased the percentage by approximately 7 points annually, ultimately hitting the ambitious 70% target.


The success achieved can be attributed to effective project management, strong teamwork, and robust data analysis. Immediando’s ability to navigate the challenges and deliver results highlights the importance of a well-coordinated approach.


This success story with Pepsico in Italy’s FMCG sector serves as a beacon for companies facing similar challenges. Through strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and a commitment to excellence, Immediando not only met but exceeded the expectations set by Pepsico. This case exemplifies the transformative power of a dedicated team and a well-executed strategy.

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