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Belgium is battling a rising pile of litter throughout the country, with Flanders being the worst. Governmental organizations called for actions and initiatives to halt the uprise of littering. Fost Plus has launched an application called ‘The Click’ in 2020. Now incorporated in the litter management of multiple municipalities and cities, the app is meant to help reduce litter.


Field & Concept’s (SSI Belgium & Luxembourg) goal with a campaign for ‘the Click’ is to generate more awareness around better litter management. But how do you eventually change the awareness to behavioral change?

“We organized a roadshow to meet citizens nationwide, visiting several cities and events scattered across Belgium”


The key to success, according to Field & Concept, is having a strong concept but keeping it simple. With the ‘kiss principle’ (keep it simple, stupid!) the concept is accessible to a large target audience. Simplicity assists in maximizing contacts within a smart budget to guarantee return on investment (ROI). However, our concept is mostly successful thanks to a driven, loyal and motivated team of brand ambassadors. They reach out and convince people every day. For ‘The Click’, this was no different.


Click and clean

The Click is an app that was launched to activate people in personally battling litter. By ‘clicking’ in the app when disposing waste (and scanning the package) they earn Circular Ucoins, which can be redeemed for discounts and products in the local economy.

Roadshow to enhance litter management

‘We organized a roadshow to meet citizens nationwide, visiting several cities and events scattered across Belgium,’ Field & Concept explains. ‘By motivating the use of ‘The Click’ we enhanced behavioral change by rewarding people whilst throwing away litter on the go. Going to places where citizens go makes for a massive audience: we believe everybody must be conscious of the effect of good litter management on our planet.’



‘Litter’al results

During the campaign we reached 400.000 people, converting 23% of them. That translates to +90.000 new downloads of ‘The Click’, ensuring that more than 1.500.000 pieces of litter were disposed and sorted. Particularly this achievement highlights the impact of positive reinforcement in promoting responsible waste disposal. Hopefully, this marks a significant and robust step in the war against litter.

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