Professional cooking demonstrations form a powerful tool to enhance the shopping experience, create an interactive stage for brands and expand on as a business case. It is a dynamic activation that is appreciated by consumers, the retail locations and the respective brands. The option for concrete conversion translates to a very accountable ROI for all parties involved.

For Jumbo Supermarkets Brandwise oversees a large scale execution providing a full service towards Jumbo HQ and the Jumbo Supermarkets. Existing infrastructure forms a trusted setting on the shop floor where local employees for a familiar face for the regular visitors to the supermarket.

  • Enrichment of shopping experience consumers by human interaction
  • Turn key service to retail organisation in preparation, execution and evaluation
  • Usable as business model within the current business

SSI Netherlands coordinates brands to the definitive execution and setup of the cooking demonstration. This translates brand,-and product specific messages to interaction and, where necessary, expand on the basic structure with additional means. Here SSI Netherlands uses its expertise to make an optimal analysis between additional costs and effective communication. Leading during the cooking demonstrations are maximal experience on the shopfloor, concrete interaction with the targetgroup(s) and a strong focus on conversion.


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