SSI Netherlands realises the ultimate self elected sampling experience for Dolce Gusto. A large scale sampling setting where consumers actively undergo the complete product experience to get to know the Dolce Gusto assortment, its convincing taste and ease of preparation. The Dolce Gusto Mass Experience setting is especially designed to be used at the busiest of locations. The design is inviting to consumers to join the self elected sampling experience. Its shape is designed to create an organic walking route towards the Dolce Gusto machines.

After choosing a Dolce Gusto variant the consumer can choose their machine to prepare the coffee. During preparation the consumer is accompanied by a step by step plan on an interactive tablet. This makes it possible for consumers to undergo the sampling completely by themself which strongly enforces the impact.

Self Elected Sampling realises following targets for Dolce Gusto

  • Cost-efficient sampling with a massive reach
  • Story telling concept, assortment and ease of preparation
  • Direct line activation towards sales by discount voucher

At the end of every Self Elected Sampling Proces a voucher with a discount code is handed out. This creates maximal conversion from the sampling through a limited-time offer.

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