The main objective of this strategy was to build up the customer awareness and chiefly to increase sales temporarily to gain sales volume and market share. The promotion strategy of SSI Austria for the BIO LIMO LEICHT beverages used as a competitive strategy to undercut competition by offering a lower price or other incentive as well as renewing the brand identity within the target market in Austria .

Our promotional campaign was effective depends on what goals were established and what strategies have been used;

a) Persuade customers to buy: our sales team aroused the customer’s interest and by so doing persuades them to buy the product.
b) Creation of demand: one of the objectives of this campaign was to reminding potential consumers about the availability of the product in the market.
c) To change consumer belief: the instruments that has been used to change consumer mindset about the product or services of Römerquelle. Hence,  tap into their buying power and influence their thoughts.
d) To promote the image of the firm: building a corporate image for our client within the competitive marketplace.

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