Fujifilm uses sponsored ads in Italy to drive a 3700% return

Fujifilm had an objective. They needed a way to drive sales and visibility on Amazon Italy for their new Instax camera line which allows users to easily take and instantly print photos. Fujifilm decided to launch campaigns on sponsored ads to help- realizing that these campaigns would meet this goal but hoping it would greatly exceed it.

Preparation, Preparation,Preparation

Fujifil prides themselves on producing quality products and they want cutomers to know. Prior to launching sponsored ads activity, Fujifilm improved the products detail pages for all the products they planned to advertise including creating compelling content and relevant product titles.

Tips for success:

  • Before advertising, set up your product detail pages for advertising success.
  • Craft a strategy that uses all three ad products Sponsored products,Sponsored Brands, and Product Display Ads – to maximize visibility and sales
  • Optimize campaigns frequently while your campaigns are in flight to improve performance

Winning Strategy

Fujifilm briefed SSI Italy (Praesidium), their agency who manages their sponsored ads campaigns, to start sponsored ads campaigns to drive traffic to their Instax products. SSI Italy (Praesidium) developed a strategy, using all three sponsored adsproducts, to target astages of the customer journey.

Sponsored Brands were created to increase brand awareness of Instax models by targeting relevant keywords that drove shoppers to an Amazon store featuring a range of Instax products. SSI Italy (Praesidium) creaed an Amazon store to convey the brand image and values to customers on Amazon. As Enrico Babucci, President of SSI Italy (Praesidium) , said ” Amazon stores is an important tool that has allowed us to tell the brands story, convey the product experience, and make cross-selling easier.

In order to reach interessted shoppers with their newest products, Product display ads were created to help increase consideration by cross-selling or up-selling Instax products on the product detail pages of other Fujifilm products.

Last, Sponsored products ads were created to drive sales. These ads were targeted against relevant keywords like”camera” or “Fujifilm” that boosted visibility of the Instax products across search results and related product detail pages.

Driving Awareness and Sales

After the Instax campaigns launched, campaign optimizations were performed by the agency daily, in order to adapt keyword targeting and bids to seasonal trends and maximize ROI. ” With sponsored ads, we can quickly understand how campaigns are performing and adjust our bids and keywords in real-time” Enrico Babucci said.

As a result of this activity, Fujifilm obtained 13M impressions i less than 4 month with ROAS of 3700% from September 2017 to December 2017. Fujifilm plans to continue to use sponsored ads for its current products and new releases in the future.

As Mauro Doni, Fujifilm Italy General Manager, said ” Sponsored ads is a cost effective advertising service that allowed us to immediately see results with a limited investment amount. Sponsored ads has really good targeting capabilities, using keywords relevant to the product we are offering, drives positively our marketing ROI”



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