Roadshows!!! Roadshows are the ultimate field event that SSI Austria has used to take the clients message and brand on the road. The duracell bunny is duracell`s very famous mascot and symbolizes the long-lasting energy of the batteries … it runs … and runs … and runs . For this purpose, we have used the opportunity to present the famous mascot of DURACELL within the vienna city marathon as an marketing promotion opportunity to prove the bunny`s endless energy … for real!

Beautiful weather with temperatures above 28° tested our promoter`s endurance in the hot bunny costume – fortunately he is an iron man contestant who embraced the challenge! The Vienna marathon “Roadshow”  done in sequence and occur  to increase the brand awareness and product knowledge. SSI Austria Roadshow action was a huge sucess to spread the word in an in-person, interactive format and reach those you may not have been able to otherwise.

The duracell bunny`s marathon run was a tremendous success, based on the statistics collected from our marketing platforms as well as the reaction of the people around who cheerd him and took endless pictures and slefies.

SSI Austria won 2 awards only on this campaign through VAMP Awards :

The most efficient action / campaign:

Gold: Duracell – VCM

The cheekiest guerilla campaign:

Bronze: Duracell – VCM

We make huge success, with small budget!!!

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