Value-for-money goods, top quality fresh goods and also Sweden’s broadest range of organic options are all part of what makes Coop Konsum a healthy business. These stores also offer inspiration for food and recipes which bear the Keyhole label and lists of nutrients.Coop is the name of the KF Group’s grocery retail group. Coop runs grocery retail trade in chains like Coop Forum, Coop Extra, Coop Konsum, Coop Nära and Coop Bygg. Coop also operates the Daglivs store and the Internet-based, both with the Stockholm region as their market. Together with the retail consumer societies, Coop accounts for 21.5% of the grocery retail market in Sweden with over 7300 employees. 

SSI Sweden has been Coops partner for instore promotions and space efforts in over a decade, securing the activations of the brands working with Coop. Instore promotion strategies of SSI sweden gives marketing campaigns an extra edge in attracting new customers. Sales promotions rely on consumers’ price sensitivity to encourage them to try new products, retry products they may not have tried in awhile or purchase a greater volume of products they already buy. SSI Sweden put numerous components of instore and outstore promotion strategies into play,which often aimed directly at end consumers, which are the retailers’ target customers of COOP.

SSI Sweden focus more on the new kind of shopper  that is evolving, a customer who is constantly changing behaviors depending on what the goal of the purchase is. These consumers are both time-constrained and curious, willing to spend a lot of time shopping or little. We get to understand these consumers, to protect our clients to lose business. 

The assignment is consisting of marketing, creating and implementing the planned marketing focus of the different brand experience projects, both instore and outstore.


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