Brand awareness sets your company apart from your competitors that offer a similar product or service. The content of  brand awareness, is to make an impact on the minds of consumers, to understand what you offer, and how your brand is different from the competitors within the competion marketplace. Our client “Western Union” planned to gain the attention of a large number of people, driving traffic, and motivate cutsomers to use their money transfer services  .

SSI Sweden as a leading supplier within the national market, directed through a series of steps to gradually increase their interactions with the customers, and sustaining a high degree of awareness among the consumers. We educate and merchandise the different outlets in several Nordic countries on behalf of Western Union to demonstrate the various services of our clients to the customer which differentiate from the similar companies. Moreover, driving traffic and set up a target group through various marketing tools such as  outstore events, increasing customers knowledge , display’s, etc.


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