Nowadays, retailers and companies are facing a new generation of sensory marketing in which affects all five of customers’ senses to create a multisensory experience . However, this proliferation of product offerings as well as retail outlets, make a revolution in retail with a view to looking beyond the augmented product. Factors such as in-store displays, Sampling, events and shelf facings  have been shown to influence purchase behavior, moreover,  have atmospheric factors such as lighting, music, and color. More firms are investing particularly heavily in this scent marketing, emitting specially designed ambient scents into service environments.

Emotions have an important role in retailing, influencing consumers’ perceptions of retail environments and their shopping behavior outcomes . Therefore, the idea behind of Superhero activation for kids was to affect  customers’ senses to create a multisensory experience that individuals respond emotionally to the environment and automatically effects  the costumers. SSI Belgium organized/ managed visits  in different locations with Superheroes such as Captain America, Spider Man, Iron Man, etc. to children’s best interest. Emotions of all involved are heightened during these proceedings and you should have seen the faces of the kids! Consequently, the emotional states of the children and parents were catched by SSI brand activations.


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