Firstly, encouraging trial of a product close to point-of-purchase is a great way to drive sales there. nowadays most of the FMCG customers are aware of the importance of promotion & sampling to sell products in a most professional way. Customers who try a sample will buy the sampled product in the same shopping trip. SSI Poland , used this method for its client to fresh the product  in the consumer’s mind, so long as they enjoyed it, the consumer will be primed to think of your product first when they reach the relevant aisle. However, sampling claimed that a sampled product had specifically replaced an item that they had planned to buy.

Building on this, SSI Poland upgrade your product sampling effectiveness through a sampling promotion. Presentation of new refreshed packaging of Rama and a new variant: Rama 100 % vegetable. The Nationwide tasting and sampling of Rama margarine  puts the product in the hands and minds of potential customers and provides a way for customers to try out your product without the risk of deviating from something else that they already know. This is the result/feedback what we have received from all those customers who felt the product and setted up in their mind. 

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