Shelf-space optimization models within the F&B industry support retailers in making optimal shelf-space decisions.The two areas of shelf-space planning and in-store replenishment are strongly interrelated.However, shelf-space and reorder planning are of great importance to retailers especially within the competition marketplace into the european union. SSI Germany keeping more shelf stock and use merchandising methods that increases the demand for it due to higher visibility, permits decreased replenishment frequencies and increases inventory holding costs.

However, because mostly space is limited,  and most of the companies requires the rmore shelf space than other items, which then  deplete slowly and must not be reordered and replenished so often. Furthermore, SSI Germany enable its clients and the possibility of keeping stock of certain items in more showroom shelf space instead of the backroom , but also increases sales for the items, reducing costs, increasing turnover, increasing productivity, and increasing efficiency.

Since 2016, SSI Germany has been steering the biggest German agency sales force team for Unilever. We recruit, control and guide a team of more than 150 field representatives on a nationwide basis, constantly improving distribution penetration, optimizing orders and producing additional order surfaces.


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