SSI Italy (Praesidium) brings E Fundamentals to Italy: a world-leading e-commerce analysis platform that helps brands win online by improving their products online sales presentation. SSI Italy( Praesidium) and E Fundamentals monitor all the major Italian eCommerce players: not only Amazon but also all the online retailers in the FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Health and Beauty and DIY sector.
While UK, Germany and France are considered to be “mature markets” for the eCommerce, Italy is still a developing market (according to the data presented in October 2018 by the Politecnico di Milano – Osservatorio eCommerce B2C). eCommerce penetration is at 6.5% of the total retail market, with a significant value growth of 16% and a total market value of 27.4 billion euros.  Over the last years many brands and retailer has started to approach eCommerce, making the Italian scenario increasingly interesting: in 2018 75% of the top 300 Italian retailer has is own eCommerce website.


The challenge

Many Italian businesses and brands still approach the online retailers as the off line ones, whit no specific strategy and without taking into consideration the specificity of the channel. On the other hand, there is an increasing demand for a real time analysis of the product performance on line. Thanks to SSI Italy (Praesidium), Italian businesses and retailers now have at their disposition new insights and a new category management instrument for competing and winning online:

The e-commerce analytics platform, E-Fundamentals  used by many top brands and retailers along Europe, E Fundamentals monitors the products performance on online retail and synthetizes them in a framework called “The 8 Fundamentals”, guiding the brand towards an optimization and overall growth of the e-commerce cycle. E Fundamentals competence and experience joins Praesidium for proposing a solution that offers a real competitive advantage in the current digital scene. The main starting point for concretely, fast and efficiently redesigning the shopping experience for products on the biggest online retailers.

For a complete check up of your eCommerce strategy and product performance, and for any further information about E Fundamentals get in contact now with SSI Italy


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