We provide installations that are specially designed and customized for various type of business categories, providing a lasting brand and product experience. These include infowalls with real-time data, interactive tables with product recognition, and systems that connect products and information with shopping functions and service. SSI Network collect and select the key company indicators, information, processes, and production workflows that can be compiled and visualized in real-time.  This information is useful in many ways: Visitors are greeted in a way that leaves an impression, products needing explanation can be visualized interactively, and employees can be transparently notified regarding current events or processes.

Virtual reality experiences provide customers with a particularly innovative and immersive experience. We develop virtual reality applications that are tailored to your brand for use at trade shows, in showrooms, in pop up and retail stores or for use as a company-internal tool. This enable customers to make more quickly and deliberately  buying decisions, since the interactive applications increase the quality of information and advice provided as well as the transparency. SSI Belgium make well design installations with high quality services for our clients so that customers make more quickly and deliberately inform themselves about its products, increase the knowledge of the customers about the products, and fulfill the proactive services which influence the behaviour of the customers .

SSI Belgium is supporting SAMSUNG since 2015 by a trained team of technical merchandisers to integrate and follow-up of all Samsung samples and promotional material on the online SSI Network platform in Belgium and Luxembourg.  In addition, developing innovative services and tools that provide users with new forms of interaction and dialogue with brands and products is our professionality .


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