Along with its more direct corollary, advertising, is as important to breweries as it is to any other sort of company.Every Branded Brewery recognizes the necessity of a good marketing strategy and is dedicated to being the one-stop-shop where breweries can get everything necessary for brand promotion. It is a proven fact that branded merch is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to grow your brand/ or new lunched product  within the competition marketplace.

Heineken as a craft beer segment and one of our clients , uses various promotional methods to build product awareness, including point of sale promotions of branded merchandise with the newest professional methods. However, SSI Czech and Slovakia , promote and  introduced the new version of brand Zlatý Bažant dark lemon with 0,0% alcohol within the market in Czech. The main task of our tasting concept was to reach all beer lovers from Heineken, who are accustomed to regular News and quality of their favorite brand Zlatý Bažant; to keeping its brand,product, and the taste in top of the customers mind.

Consumers want to be inspired and emotionally connect with brands and their products/services. When a brand’s message resonates, top-of-mind awareness is amplified. This is one of the reasons that SSI Network managed and organized various events, sampling, promotion stands, etc. At the same time, we wanted to present the new product of Heineken as a healthy product to all consumers who live active social life and care about healthy lifestyle.

We are on top of the latest trends of promotional products and are always updating and evaluating our selection to ensure that your company can find the perfect fit for your brand/ or product.

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