Green Cola’s core philosophy, and its main distinguishing feature, is the creation of soft drinks that respond fully to the need for a healthy balanced diet.The uniqueness, innovation and authentic taste of Green Cola succeeded in gaining the preference of consumers. With a steady growth both in sales and market share, Green Cola has established its position in the soft drinks category challenging other well established brands. The most important element is the use of natural sweeteners deriving from the stevia plant but it didn’t stop there.

The objectives of ou client (Green Cola) was to create awareness,  acceptance, and desire. SSI Romania used  strategies that customised to respond to the  objectives of its client to stay relevant in a competitive market as well as to increase traffic towards  and create excitement by inviting customers to try a new brand/products. We have done several factors to achieve the objectives of our client;

– conception, proposal and implementation of events: samplings, tastings, in-store and outdoors

– monthly activations in IKAs and LKAs in Bucharest

– presence in integrated events with various partners (Parklake mall)

– CSR project on Christmas 2017

Results up-to-date:

~85.000 free samples;

~95.000 reached consumers;

~60 promoters;



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