We are very proud of SSI Austria Plus Promotion Sales on their Duracell promotion, which has already won two gold awards in Austria. Now went on to take GOLD and BRONZE at the European level for their ‘Marathon Bunny’ campaign! Awarded by the IMC, the Integrated Marketing Council, a chapter of  EACA, the European Association of Communication Agencies in Brussels.

👇🏻 Scroll down for the great video of The Marathon Bunny 👇🏻

Everybody knows the Duracell Bunny and the Power.
Duracell’s key communications message centers on the long-lasting power of their batteries. The strategy was to show its formidable energy in an unusual and unexpected way to increase brand awareness and sympathy with a broad audience.

Create an ambient media/PR stunt for media coverage with a budget of 4,000 EURO.

The Duracell Bunny is extremely well known and popular amongst all age groups and always outlasts his competitors.
Let the Duracell Bunny participate in the most popular Austrian Marathon with 40,000 runners, 65,000 spectators and vast media coverage and videotape the activity to be viewed, liked and shared by the Facebook fans. Create a lovely interactive experience and win the hearts of the audience!

The Duracell Bunny was an official participant in the Vienna City Marathon and also acted the part. It heated up with other participating runners and raced from the start.

Furthermore, it animated and motivated fellow runners and interacted with spectators by giving high-fives and hugs. It was celebrated as a finisher like many other runners – people just loved it!

– Live interaction with hundreds of fellow runners and spectators.
– Thousends of views during the race and at the finish line.
– The video post on Facebook was seen by more than 202,000 people with 1000 likes and 110 shares.
– Media coverage in Austria’s most popular daily (total print media coverage 1.5 Mio.)

The Bunny was the King of Hearts at the Vienna City Marathon!

Excellent return on investment of 4,000 EURO

The Marathon Bunny by SSI Austria – Plus Promotion Sales

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