The effectiveness of product sampling as a sales promotion technique has not only  dramatic sales impact on the day of the sampling event, but also increases sales of established products and new products, for many weeks/months following. Cornet considered and planned to do some sales promotions in order to increase the brand awareness, demonstrate the new products to the market, and increases sales of established products and new products. SSI Belgium supports since 2016 CORNET to launch Cornet beers at festivals, Bars, Pubs, and independent FMCG’s.

We have built a team of 15 ambassdors and launched Cornet beers within different sections throuout the market in Belgium. With over 20.000 sampled beer items in multiple categories have beend launched throught various events, Bars, Pubs, and retails.The cumulative sales lift on the day of events and weeks after was amazing. The content of sampling impacts sales in ways never thought possible as well as  sampling drives additional repeat purchase.

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