SSI Switzerland has presented Chainsaw sucking tobacco with a professional booth at Man’s World Zuerich 2019.

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Saw contest and chainsaw selfie. For the Man’s World we staged a playground for men for the sucking tobacco brand “Chainsaw”.
For Chainsaw – the new sucking tobacco brand of V2 Tobacco – we designed and implemented a booth for this year’s Man’s World. This product offers an experience of strength and freshness that far surpasses all previous experiences. This experience was to implement at the Man’s World.

Chainsaw was therefore the guiding idea of the entire stand and the activation. Within a sawing competition against time, visitors could test their sawing skills. In terms of success rates to win more new customers and increase the brand/product awareness , Chainsaw with the support of SSI Switzerland achieved a success rate of 948 tasted sucking tobacco – and 400 cans sold within 3,5 days.

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