Tactical and strategic sales support / Bulgari

DMF works to select, train and manage your external sales teams. We will work as a close partner, intricately tied in with your sales and marketing strategy. DMF works in all types of retail outlets (hypermarkets, supermarkets, specialist stores etc.) and with all types of target markets (private buyers, small businesses, etc.).


Permanent sales force

Use outsourcing as a solution for some or all of your sales force needs for specific products or networks.


Commando sales force

Temporarily beef up your sales team for specific campaigns to win over new customers, sell a promotional offer or launch a strategic product.


Sales support

Enable your sales teams to focus on their strategic missions and outsource sales support work to DMF.




With a turnover of € 50M, FMG is one of the leading players in its field in France:

- Sales Promotions
- Additional Sales Teams
- Merchandising & Installation of POP displays

Working with FMG means:

- having a partner with extensive experience in field sales promotions and HR management
- using innovative, customised processes and management systems
- drawing on the energy and commitment of a strong but responsive organisation

The work we do for our clients is based on expertise and a modern, flexible approach to ensure success. This original but proven approach is embodied in our “Sales Campaign Platform” model, which has been bringing success to FMG’s clients for many years.

FMG Case studies