Nokia Shop in Shop

The customer should be always at the center of an effective shopper marketing strategy. Actually, recent research has shown that the consumer experience in the retail is not always completely satisfying: many potential customers will appreciate to find more information and a more complete shopping experience.

This is why Nokia has redesigned its retail strategy to create Shop in Shops within high traffic stores, in collaboration with Praesidium.

The Shop in Shop layout makes the Nokia brand immediately visible and easy to be identified with respect to the surrounding multi-brand environment. The customer can live a new and engaging experience. A sales promoter is in charge of the branded area, being a spokesperson and an ambassador of the brand and presenting products, accessories and their selling prepositions in the most effective way.

The messages to which the shopper is exposed within the shop in shop area are consistent with those implemented by Nokia in the out-of-store touch points, and can be more personal and targeted to satisfy the specific needs of each client.

Last but not least, a shop in shop project offers a valuable advantage to retailers: the continuous monitoring of the areas by a team of sales representative avoids out-of-stock issues and ensures high standards of service to the customer, helping to achieve the sell-out objectives.




Being at the heart of the relationship between brand, consumer and retail, Praesidium is the right partner for those companies who are looking for an agency able to design, implement and measure an effective shopper marketing strategy.

Over its 15 years of experience Praesidum has consolidated a deep knowledge of the channel and has built a strong relationship with the retail. Our DNA combines the attention to sales results with an enthusiastic love for marketing.

Think new. Act Fast.

We think new and act fast to identify objectives, activities, tools and ideas to meet the heart and wallet of the consumer in different touch points, influencing its purchase path before, during and after the purchase act.

Shopper Marketing Makers

Thanks to our far-reaching presence across the country, the multidisciplinary and synergic expertise of our team and the passionate work of our people, Praesidium is the best partner to face market changes and shopper marketing challenges.


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