Microsoft Sales Promotion


To promote and facilitate the best Purchasing Experience of Microsoft Products to Consumers.


A team of experienced promoters trained at all Microsoft category's, in order to:
- Be recognized as the brand ambassador and "expert" Microsoft at the point of sale
- Promote the best shopping experience for the customer
- Making counseling according to the identified needs and portfolio Microsoft
- Stimulate Upselling and CrossSelling
- Perform product Demonstrations and contribute to a Premium user experience
- Inform and train Store Staff and Promoters, promoting benefits of Microsoft products and news

With the objective of:

- Establish partnerships with store managers
- Increase sales and build market share in all segments of activity
- Offer an high quality service at the moment of sale
- Strengthening the relationship with the store
- Maximize knowledge of store employees and promoters with Microsoft products




We are a Field Marketing group acting in national and international markets with three brands that provide innovative marketing solutions and develop quality services in different areas, according to each client’s needs.


BeChosen is a brand that operates at the strategic level, working with its clients’ Marketing and Sales departments, trying to develop the best way to achieve the defined goals.


BeMark is a company with a more operational nature that seeks to ensure the proper execution of campaigns defined by our clients’ trade marketing departments. Extra A is a company specialized in Image Hostesses and Events management.


We differentiate ourselves by being highly committed to each of our clients and their projects, in order to develop quality work and added value.


BE CHOSEN Case studies