HP In Store Sales Project

The objectives
Create and preserve a promoters’ team, that will be responsible for presenting and Selling HP products in large stores all around the country.

The Implementation-the results
While the idea and the need has been driven from HP Europe, MSPS has managed to adopt and transform the project to the needs of the country in total co-operation with the client.


The team is flexible in changing stores, hours or days of work, in order to maximize the efficiency of the service, being able to follow the pace of the market in each specific case.

In the same time, the project itself has proven to be trustworthy and valuable, providing knowledge, constant contact with the market and experience to the team members. Thus most of the ISS, are part of this team for over a year (some of them have been with the team since the its founding back in 2010).


More than 50% of those who left the team, have accepted a job proposal from firms or clients, that get to know them through their work with HP ISS team.

The team continues to provide an excellent ROI to HP. For Q213, in-between tremendous market pressure and economical crisis, the team managed to overcome their sellout target by 131% in total, proving that this is a winning team model, result of constant training, good communication and close monitoring. The project is currently active in 29 stores across Greece.




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We offer integrated services covering all aspects of Marketing and Sales disciplines, ranging from tactical to strategic and from the consumer to the entire trade network. We are a one stop shop, offering our clients fully integrated services with results!


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- Sales increase
- Distribution improvement
- Image enhancement


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