Promo Sapiens has a long-lasting relationship with Kraft Foods / Mondelez. For several years, we have been performing different kinds of field marketing services for all Mondelez brands.


We have structural merchandising teams that install in store events like “Boulevard des Biscuits” and “Chocolate Boulevard” on a weekly basis. These are different types of in store activation concepts that travel from store to store and have serious impact on selling out volumes. On a regular basis, Promo Sapiens also performs sampling activities for Mondelez. Last year we sampled around 500.000 LU biscuits on different types of locations.


With the support of Mondelez, Promo Sapiens managed to rethink completely the sales promoter activity. Mondelez has a long tradition of in store tasting, but this activity has always been considered as a real tactical activity, which means that the number of promoters can vary enormously from week to week from a total of 5 promoters to 150 promoters on Saturday. Promo Sapiens recommended a complete U-turn for this way of working by saying that quality of service and results would improve if this activity would be approached more strategically. Mondelez understood our arguments and began reorganizing the internal way of working.


At the beginning of this year, we recruited and trained 55 Mondelez ambassadors that work each week of the year on Friday and Saturday. The planning for the ambassador team is done more in advance than for any other project. After 6 months, Mondelez is very satisfied with the quality of the team and the results. We went from a pure tactical activity to a more structural and result-oriented approach. The ambassadors are evaluated on a regular basis and are part of an incentive program.


Ownership and involvement for the Mondelez brands have never been higher for this type of field marketing service.  A new generation of in store animations has been born!