Merchandising Services Henkel

DMF works in supermarket and retail chains, offering point-of-purchase sales support to major corporate players in presenting their products and tracking sales. DMF has developed its service to ensure genuine added value for its clients and guarantee a service level of 98%.


Sales logistics

Ensuring products and POP advertising are in place, placing orders, avoiding stick shortages, monitoring shelf arrangements.


Layout design

We work in collaboration with your Department Manager or independently through our Merchandising Team Leaders to design the layout and installation (preparation, planning and skeleton design, layout changes etc.).


POP installation

We can run large-scale permanent and occasional operations to install and maintain POP advertising and displays. Our network of more than 300 part-time specialists visit stores regularly for promotional POP items (installation, maintenance or removal of POP displays, information, stands, banners, leaflets, posters), permanent POP items (dedicated team for long-term POP displays requiring technical operations in installation) and large POP items (highly-qualified dedicated teams for assembly, maintenance, window-dressing and decoration).


Furniture building

Temporary or permanent furniture or fittings assembled and removed by specialised teams and local support workers (e.g. podiums, displays, shelving, central display islands).




With a turnover of € 50M, FMG is one of the leading players in its field in France:

- Sales Promotions
- Additional Sales Teams
- Merchandising & Installation of POP displays

Working with FMG means:

- having a partner with extensive experience in field sales promotions and HR management
- using innovative, customised processes and management systems
- drawing on the energy and commitment of a strong but responsive organisation

The work we do for our clients is based on expertise and a modern, flexible approach to ensure success. This original but proven approach is embodied in our “Sales Campaign Platform” model, which has been bringing success to FMG’s clients for many years.

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