Western Union Roadshow

"Pass money quick and easy" - that's the message of Western Union. And all those who haven't heard it yet are set to do so now. Passers-by are actively approached and made aware of Western Union and its services using buzz words and phrases including "global", "in just a few minutes", "reliable" and "at no cost for the recipient".


The campaign put on an impressive show, with promoters offering passers-by helpful advice from inside a giant inflatable cube. The eye-catching, yellow illuminated 3D visualisation stood out and attracted attention from afar.  The roadshow visited Basel, Lucerne and Zurich. Participants also had the chance to enter a competition and to show off their football skills by enjoying a game of Kinect on the games console.


The roadshow took place during the UEFA Euro League matches - quite fitting given Western Union's partnership with UEFA. As a little fun extra, promoters handed out "football fever pills", which were chewing gums shaped like mini footballs. This proved a hit with both young and not-so-young football fans.




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