Sourcy Vitaminwater

Sourcy Vitaminwater is a true on-the-go product. To emphasize this aspect, Brandwise realized a sampling campaign that located the target audience at relevant moments during the day.


By creating an intelligent location planning the target audience was reached at the right time during the day. For example, in the morning at train stations, in the afternoon at business parks and in the evening in city parks.


The intelligent location planning made it possible to reach the target audience in large numbers while accentuating the on-the-go character of the product.


- Unique locationplanning tailor made to the product and user moments

- Tailor made infrastructure allowing cooled sampling (ideal serve for tasting)

- High quality look and feel in line with corporate image

- National coverage allowing for maximal reach in target group






In a world where traditional media is losing its impact the need for personal contacts is greater then ever. With a strategic approach we supply integrated field marketing solutions with measurable results.We achieve this by finding your target audience and being present at the right time with the right means. With people as the ultimate medium, face-to-face, tangible and personal with a real conversation.


Brandwise develops result oriented field marketing strategies to create integrated solutions  that achieve your targets. For this we define which services to conduct, individually or integrated. We work through expertise as gathered in Business Intelligence center, analysis, measurement and creativity.

Business Intelligence

With Business Intelligence as the starting point for an effective field operation we act as your strategic sparring partner in addressing your challenges. Services include a.o.: sales & merchandising, interaction marketing (outdoor and indoor sampling, demonstrating and promotion services), hospitality services, VIP hosting, fair presence, auditing and event services.