RIM / Blackberry

To promote the Blackberry Curve smartphone, the company Research in Motion (RIM), asked their above-the-line agency and Promo Sapiens to think about different ways to activate consumers.


Promo Sapiens integrated different field approaches to meet with the objectives. The first step was to merchandize all the important Blackberry stores in Belgium with different pos-material to announce the action. Our merchandisers visited 800 stores to install displays, cubes, wobblers and leaflets. The next step was to roll-out the activation concept. And the last step was a sales promotion activity in-store with our promoters to stimulate sales.


The activation concept was based on the latest trend that’s gripped the Internet, ‘tarp surfing’.  The new sport puts participants on a tarpaulin wave, briefly allowing the participants to forget their skateboard isn’t a surfboard and ride the wave. What do you need to tarp surf?  On open space, a tarp around 25m x 25m, two people to create the wave, two heavy objects to ensure the end of the tarp doesn’t get picked up by the wind, a skateboard and… a tarp surfer!


Our Blackberry promotional team visited the Belgian coast, city parks, summer events and other ‘open spaces’ to invite people to participate to the tarp surfing. People were pushed to participate because our promogirls explained that 2 lucky ones could win a Blackberry on the spot and everyone could participate in a promotional game to win surfing lessons. Pictures of the participants were put immediately online on the Facebook page of the ‘Blackberry Surf Academy’.