Reinventing the hair salons customer experience for RevlonPro


Customer willingness to buy and use high-quality professional beauty products also at home has been growing in the last five years, even if every woman still spends an average time of 60-90 minutes in a hair salon.

There’s an unexplored huge opportunity for hair care brands: to catch the attention of the client, engage her in a conversation and sell a professional product to use at home.

The objectives of the project powered by Praesidium for the professional hair care brand Intercosmo by RevlonPro are customer satisfaction and sales growth, both for the brand and for the hair salon.

The full commitment of Intercosmo sales people is the first step to guarantee the success of the project, as they are responsible for presenting the activity to hair salons managers: we involved them in a training program about shop layout and windows, product availability and management, so that they can become full consultant for the stores to improve revenues and sell out.

We worked on a visual merchandising strategy based on modular displays, to catch the shopper attention in store and our team of visual merchandiser ensured the implementation of the strategy at the point of sale.

A multimedia training tool has been given to store managers, to get a deeper understanding of visual merchandising and selling techniques.



Being at the heart of the relationship between brand, consumer and retail, Praesidium is the right partner for those companies who are looking for an agency able to design, implement and measure an effective shopper marketing strategy.

Over its 15 years of experience Praesidum has consolidated a deep knowledge of the channel and has built a strong relationship with the retail. Our DNA combines the attention to sales results with an enthusiastic love for marketing.

Think new. Act Fast.

We think new and act fast to identify objectives, activities, tools and ideas to meet the heart and wallet of the consumer in different touch points, influencing its purchase path before, during and after the purchase act.

Shopper Marketing Makers

Thanks to our far-reaching presence across the country, the multidisciplinary and synergic expertise of our team and the passionate work of our people, Praesidium is the best partner to face market changes and shopper marketing challenges.


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