The world leading brand in potato chips, Pringles, choose Caliptus for its instore marketing activities in Sweden, and particularly for the launch of its new flavor of Dill and Grill.

The launch was important due to the heavy competition in the product category and the consumer's loyality to tast, rather than brand name. The launch was a success with a great exposure of the brand/product and high outcome.

The new taste gained a high sales volume and became very popular among the consumers.






Caliptus is the leading agency in Sweden, both in matters of size, knowledge and experience in the fields of instore marketing, retail supportive services and sales promotions. Hence we are a full range partner, we have the capacity of handling all kind of campaigns and assignments regardless of size or conduct hours.


Among our customers you can find the largest FMCG retailers, suppliers and brands in the world. Working with Caliptus means working with quality throughout the entire value chain, giving our customers a high ROI and measurable results.


Our field staff, consisting of over 2000 persons and covering 100% of the country, are trained to conduct complex assignments, even in remote areas of Sweden.


Creativity, alongside with staff development has been one of our focus areas since the beginning in 2003. We have the ability to provide an entire Swedish department of creators, copywriters services and distributing it to final locations or targets. We thrive in an environment that puts our knowledge to a test. This is why we have conducted over 400 product launches on the swedish market., with multiple brands rewarded as "Product launch of the year".


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