Philips Satin Perfect Street Squad

The objectives
Generate word of mouth for the new Philips SatinPerfect epilator, create engagement with the target group, increase the reach of street promo, create a carry-over effect through social media

The Idea – the Implementation
MSPS designed, planned and implemented an integrated activation involving Promotional marketing activities and Digital interaction. The SatinPerfect girls, characterized as “segway girls’’, “cyclist girls’’ and “roller-skate girls’’, amazed the streets of Athens with their impressive appearance, their wonderfully-shaved legs, their striking vehicles and summery mood.


They approached women, informed them on the SatinPerfect benefits and invited them to participate in the SatinPerfect Facebook contest using their iPads. More than 30.000 women in 30 street events responded pleasurably and enjoyed themselves.


Also a Philips SatinPerfect Facebook Fan Page was created, aiming at reaching a broader audience and creating a carry-over effect tied to the promo experience. The Fan Page was used as a communication tool to inform the public on upcoming events, to bond  with them,  to keep them entertained with applications, games “what Satin Perfect girl type are you?” and draws with trips as a gift to Greek islands. The page reached more than 10.000 fans in a month, without any Online Media communication.




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