Caramel, Babelutte, Nougat & Cuberdon. 4 new limited editions that were launched by the chocolate brand Galak. 4 tastes that remind us of when we were a child. Nestlé asked Promo Sapiens to create an activation campaign to stimulate awareness for the new Galak “limited editions”.


The objective of this campaign was to create impressions and increase brand awareness by creating hype around the promotion. We had to be trendy and not too nostalgic. 30% of the activation had to be focused on tasting. The objective: 150.000 tastings during several weeks.


To activate these tastes, Promo Sapies created mix of different tools: A promo-unit with the look & feel of a childhood playground. A Galak promo-team, dressed in trendy clothes. A high traffic locations proposal to have maximum ‘opportunity to taste’.  And a mechanism to take pictures and relating immediately to the Galak Facebook page.


Promo Sapines toured through different Shopping Centers and along the Belgian coast. Everyone was invited to try the new tastes and get their picture taken in the playground. The pictures were immediately uploaded to the Galak facebook page and created a lot of word-of-mouth.


Our promogirls asked the clients of the shopping mall to taste the “limited editions” of Galak and invited them to take place on the swing in the playground. A photographer took pictures with a special application for iPad to make a “vintage” photo and uploaded the pictures immediately on the Facebook page. Clients received a coupon and were told to surf to the Galak Facebook page and find their picture. The clients also could participate in a game and win a Polaroid photo camera.


The result of the campaign was more than 1.000.000 people actually saw the campaign, over 150.000 people tasted the product and over 1.000 pictures were uploaded to the Galak Facebook page.