In-store promotion:
tastings – product information
sales in specialized retail
Pop-up store in high traffic zones
Recruitment of Shop Advisers for Nespresso shops

Answer by F&C:

• 14 years of collaboration
• Recruitment of a Commando of 100 Ambassadors
• Solid sales and product training: from 4 up to 50 days / year!
• Importance of team building through incentives and newsletters
• Creation of Nesdemo : E-shop for management of plannings and orders
• Evolution of the in-store promotional activities :
o from tastings and sales activities to realization of events
o increasing sales year after year



Field & Concept was born in 1989 and is an established value in the field marketing sector in the Benelux. Our core business lies in optimizing the brand awareness, visibility and sales. Through strategic and conceptual advice we enforce the sales force, brand activation, merchandising and logistics. We train and coach tailor-made and passionate teams with one clear mission: speak to the heart of the consumer.

We organize campaigns in Brand Activation through in- & out-store animations and Brand Awareness using a guerilla approach. To activate a brand, we bring effective brand messages to today’s consumer, with originality in order to stand out from the crowd, to seize their attention when and where they least expect it. Our aim is to hold people’s captive until they’ve absorbed the message, felt – tried – smelled the product… Your brand is in good hands!

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