Lagostina retail activities and in-store shopper engagement

Passion for food has always been in Italians’ DNA. Recently, thanks to television programs and web sites, the interest in "eating well and healthy" has grown: everyone wants to be a Chef!

Cookware brands like Lagostina challenge a new savier customer whose purchase journey has become richer and more complex.

With a category management and visual merchandising program Praesidium helped Lagostina to focus on assortment and displays in order to improve the perceived value of the different product lines.

Chefs, food-blogger and cooking-professionals are the endorser and testimonials of the high quality of Lagostina products: open-days and demo events have been organized in partnership with resellers to create the right engagement with the shopper and let him discover the secrets of fine cooking with Lagostina “Accademia del Sapore”: also an effective mean to strengthen the relationship with the channel.



Being at the heart of the relationship between brand, consumer and retail, Praesidium is the right partner for those companies who are looking for an agency able to design, implement and measure an effective shopper marketing strategy.

Over its 15 years of experience Praesidum has consolidated a deep knowledge of the channel and has built a strong relationship with the retail. Our DNA combines the attention to sales results with an enthusiastic love for marketing.

Think new. Act Fast.

We think new and act fast to identify objectives, activities, tools and ideas to meet the heart and wallet of the consumer in different touch points, influencing its purchase path before, during and after the purchase act.

Shopper Marketing Makers

Thanks to our far-reaching presence across the country, the multidisciplinary and synergic expertise of our team and the passionate work of our people, Praesidium is the best partner to face market changes and shopper marketing challenges.


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