Coca-Cola Light Experiential Marketing

The objectives
Create a memorable and positive beverage consumption experience of Coca-Cola light with an aim to recruit new users, refresh the existing ones and remind them of the unique taste of Coca-Cola light.

The Idea – the Implementation
In year 2012, Coca-Cola light supported the "Feel your Heart’’ movement which creates awareness among women about heart diseases. MSPS designed, planned and implemented all over Greece a experiential marketing program based on the idea of connecting Coca-Cola light with the relevant to women cause ‘’Feel Your Heart” campaign & the concept of “We need to enjoy more” in an impactful way through a pleasant and interactive mechanism.


Our Promo teams offered opens 150 ml cans to consumers, info leaflet and a metallic heart-shaped pin, mostly to women. Each team carried one android mobile or tablet pc prompting consumers to place their finger on the adapted tablet pc application in order to “read” their heart and to give them a special tip by Coca-Cola light. Also, we introduced a branded Coca-Cola light Vespa vehicle  with side-car with a huge heart on passenger seats, which attracted consumers’ interest.


The activation reached 423.000 contacts - 100% success rate (actual contacts vs.planned) - in 245 events held at supermarkets, café areas, beaches, shopping areas, malls, companies etc. in 71 areas & cities all over Greece.




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