Alpro Mild & Creamy Surprise Yourself

Innovative and highly effective instore activation for Alpro Mild & Creamy with the "Surprise Yourself" campaign.

In the search for a very specific target group Brandwise realized two essential key items:


1. Creation of setting that would in itself draw the Curiosity of the target group:

  • Innovative design using an interactive projection floor (first in supermarket channel)
  • Interaction through sample bar offering product variations in samples
  • Presentation of product assortment in all 4 variations
  • Setting fully branded conform Alpro house style (aligned with the target group)


2. Maximal engagement with target group through Intelligent Location Planning

  • Full analysis of target group shopper footprint and mobility track
  • Results translated to identification of regions with high % target group
  • Effectuation of supermarkets within identified regions
  • Concrete higher effect through placement of setting on monday with activation in weekend (extension of activation period)


The instore activation for Alpro Mild & Creamy shows a high redemption during the activation period as concret creation of new users (durable uplift in following periods)






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