Alpine Cheese Table

The premium brand Castello mold cheese line is a well established and well liked product of Danish dairy giant ARLA Foods. Now the brand has expanded with the delicious Alps Selection line and RelationMedia introduced the new tastes to shoppers across the country.


Through activities with special product training and development of exclusive POS-material we succeeded in linking the tradition of Alpine raw milk cheese and Castello’s known quality profile and secured an impressive sales start!

Raw milk cheese is a novelty on Danish cheese tables brought by Castello with the Alps Selection line. That’s why we let Castello’s own product manager explain the product’s special qualities and characteristics directly to our product demonstration crew. This thoroughly prepared them to inform the shoppers and strengthened each crew member’s commitment to the campaign.

The premium Castello profile was supported by the POS-material and a delicious arrangement with syrup and freshly chopped nuts.


At RM our department for experience design – RM Greenhouse - developed a special Alps Selection campaign table, tying products, catalogues, standees and the presentation visually together. The Alpine theme was printed on all surfaces of the table, which is cut in the card board material ReBoard. The material’s durability and a foil coating for preparation of food allows for the table to be used a large number of times, while being and being ultimately 100% Co2 neutral.

All together an impressive sales start was created for the two types Classic and Hirten! They were received with great interest from the shoppers who were positively surprised by the taste and the news of the raw milk cheese and refreshed their conscience about the Castello brand.




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