Web-based gamification

The idea:
In order to promote for OTE, the largest Telecommunication provider in Greece,  the new Double Play Pack (Phone+ Broadband bundle) during Euro’12 Football championship, MSPS Integrated Marketing& Sales Services Agency, used Pizza as a communication tool in order to attract the football fans by creating an interactive game for 2: the Double Play Game!


It was a very innovative idea due to the transformation of a simple pizza box into an interactive virtual mini football field!

The Implementation:
More than 100.000 pizza boxes were distributed to hungry fans during the games. Each box featured an image of a football field with 2 QR codes: 1 representing the goalkeeper and another one representing the striker.
The 2 players had to choose a side, by scanning the QR Codes via their mobile phones.


The side they had chosen was being immediately “transferred” into their mobile phone screen. The player in control of the striker shot the ball, seeing it leaving his screen and entering the goalkeepers cellphone screen.
Each goal or save accounted for one lottery participation for a trip to a Greek island. Simultaneously, a web version of the game was designed for the players who wanted to play via their PCs.
It was the first time a gamification mechanism was used to connect 2 smartphone screens in one real- time game for a brand in Greece.10.541 Double Play Games were played by 9.384 different persons totally and a database of 1.658 participants was created.




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