Sony Mobile Market Development

The objectives
Create an exceptional team of retails developers visiting all multimedia stores in order to present and communicate new Sony mobile phone X10, to store staff and consumers with a new and interactive way.


Our aim was to involve store staff to participate actively in the procedure of getting-to-know the characteristics of the phone, in order to acquire better knowledge of its whereabouts and functionality.

The Idea – the Implementation
Retail developers wore Sony Mobile t-Shirts with the motto ”Do you know why I’m here?”. When one of the store employees answered correctly (“to demonstrate the X10”), then automatically the store participated in the draw of a Road Show event, where 3-5 of the stores won an X10.


Retail developers trained also the store staff using specially branded netbooks displaying pre-installed videos regarding the characteristics of the new device.


The results
Low cost implementation program / over 1200 stores visits  and over 3000 store staff trained within 10 days all over Greece (instead of 30 days that the regular retail developer team normally needs).




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