Papua Research

Our aim is to serve our customers also by supporting their needs to collect and further develope accurate information from POS.  These elements are for example following:



  • Mystery Shopping: evaluation of products and services
  • OOS control, Assortment checks, Shelf Standard research, Distribution check outs
  • Ad Hoc interviews: observations and info collection of events



Papua Merchandising has 16 years experience in Field Marketing Services. We provide a nationwide coverage in Finland, our service staff is located from the south up to the north.  


The area of our service execution is both grocery and speciality trade, the meeting point between product or service and consumer. The services we offer to our customers are Papua Merchandising, Promotions, Sales Force and Research.  


We have divided Finland into six local areas, each having their own head of operations. This is to secure the recruiting, training, quality control and ongoing improvement processes.  


Our reporting system is an on-line system. Field workers are reporting required details about the field and customers have the access into the system via internet. On-line reporting and photos are supporting our customers follow-up and developing processes.

PAPUA Case studies