Field & Concept

Field & Concept was born in 1989 and is an established value in the field marketing sector in the Benelux. Our core business lies in optimizing the brand awareness, visibility and sales. Through strategic and conceptual advice we enforce the sales force, brand activation, merchandising and logistics. We train and coach tailor-made and passionate teams with one clear mission: speak to the heart of the consumer.

We organize campaigns in Brand Activation through in- & out-store animations and Brand Awareness using a guerilla approach. To activate a brand, we bring effective brand messages to today’s consumer, with originality in order to stand out from the crowd, to seize their attention when and where they least expect it. Our aim is to hold people’s captive until they’ve absorbed the message, felt – tried – smelled the product… Your brand is in good hands!

Field & Concept
Avenue Arianelaan 33
1200 Brussels

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Managing Director Field & Concept

Tine Dirckx

Dedicated merchandisers


Briefing:Dedicated team of 80 merchandisers> 11.000 visits/yearReal time data and picturesManagement of 4500 different stock elements & 2000 orders per yearAnswer by F&C:• Fixed team of 80 merchandisers &...

Boost Sell-In


Briefing:Boost sell-in with Cust. Experience Specialists (CES)Visibility through Merchandising & Commando drivesBoost Sell-out with Sell-through SpecialistsLogistical supportAnswer by F&C :• 360° approach...

50.000 merchandising hours


Briefing:Dedicated team of 70 merchandisers that are present on a daily basis in the network of F1 and F2 retailers. 50.000 hours are performed per year in a network of 150 POS.Answer by F&C:• SPOC approach with...




+2500 orders10 to 500 m2 installations25 team membersAnswer by F&C:• Integration and follow-up of all Samsung product samples & promotional material through the Field&Concept webshop.•...

In-store promotion


Briefing:In-store promotion:tastings – product informationsales in specialized retailPop-up store in high traffic zonesRecruitment of Shop Advisers for Nespresso shopsAnswer by F&C:• 14 years of...

Introduction of Coca Cola Life

Coke Life

Briefing:Planning of 100 teams of 2 personsRouting of 30.000 visits in 3 weeksResults… confidentialAnswer by F&C:We have proudly participated to the introduction of Coca-Cola Life in the OOH network.

Tasting campaigns


Briefing:80 permanent promotors & 25 back-up promotors> 5.500 animation days/yearRotation of 6,25 % in the team in 2014National spread with regional execution and optimizationAnswer by F&C:Since 2010 we have the...

Product tastings

PAB - Innocent

Briefing:Product tastings in supermarkets in an original and attractive way.Answer by F&C:Tastings at Delhaize 80 sampling days per yearCombined with charity action for knitting hats for the Innocent bottles.

Management of promotional material and logistic


Briefing:Management of promotional material and logistic needs in the OOH-channel.Warehousing and dispatch of POS materialAnswer by F&C:• Dedicated team• Flexibility to get the orders and installations executed...

Set-up team for different car brands

Brussels motorshow

Briefing:Set-up team for different car brands: an average of 150 sales advisors, 60 hosts and 30 parking boys per yearAnswer by F&C:• several car brands rely on us to set-up their teams of informants and...

Installation the new L'Oréal products


Briefing:30 to 160 points of sale per roundfrom 5 to 15 merchandisersin a period of 2 weeksAnswer by F&C:• The merchandisers install the new L'Oréal products based on the planogram.• Next to this...